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Document Management Services

As businesses evolve from small, detached divisions into fully integrated conglomerates, organizations face the challenge of handling and managing voluminous data on a regular basis. Vital data must be captured accurately and stored securely for effective document management, crucial transaction execution, strategic decision making, and enhanced customer support. Outsourcing your document management functions to Go2India will help streamline documentation and control information in a more efficient manner while freeing up resources for core business activities. Go2India will effectively optimize your existing document management system to enhance operational efficiency, improve customer & vendor relationships, ensure data security, and reduce storage costs – so that you may instigate process transformation and experience business agility.

Manage Your Information Assets

Based in Bangalore, Go2India has developed highly specialized data capture centers to work closely with document-rich organizations across data-intensive industry segments such as healthcare, insurance, banking & finance, law, publishing, consumer intelligence, logistics, and research/analytics.

From data capture, coding, indexing, and linking through to data processing, database creation/configuration/updation, data storage, and retrieval – the BPO leader offers a full spectrum of custom solutions and services to enhance the effectiveness of intellectual assets and help store valuable documents in a secure, central repository which can be instantly accessed by authorized users from any location. This not only saves valuable time taken up by tedious documentation and filing procedures but also cuts down on traditional storage costs. What’s more, your data will be always safe as we sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) with all our clients and employees.

Go2India helps develop electronic document management systems (EDMS) as a strategic corporate resource – enabling you to do away with manual processes, manage information flow more efficiently, and ensure data security through controlled access. Our skilled professionals will analyze your custom requirements, employ best industry practices, and abide by international quality standards to ensure data accuracy and authenticity. Projects on floor are meticulously reviewed by our Quality Control team with a thorough understanding of up-to-date documentation systems and proven expertise in latest tools & technologies. Data output will be delivered in a number of file formats such as MS Word, MS Excel, WordPerfect, PDF, XML, HTM, SGML, PageMaker, FrameMaker, Quark, or in any other legacy software format specified by clients. The final output will be electronically deployed or seamlessly integrated with the clients’ existing systems.

Domain Expertise

1.Highly accurate scanning, data capture, and data extraction
At Go2India, we will scan all machine-printed/handwritten documents, drawings, microfilms, or image files; extract & edit the information; and convert the same into error-free, well-structured data formats which can be seamlessly integrated with client-specific operating systems (OS) and quickly accessed by those authorized to handle such information.
The BPO leader has in place a number of high-tech scanners and specializes in high-speed, high-quality bulk scanning. The output is then thoroughly quality-checked to delete errors/omissions or achieve desired image quality. Go2India employs special applications like OCR (Optical Character Recognition), ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition), and OMR (Optical Mark recognition) for highly accurate data extraction from scanned images. We have also incorporated bar code technology to meet the diverse requirements of our valued clients. The outcome is unprecedented productivity gains, improved efficiency, and enhanced strategic agility across organizations.
More on data entry & data conversion

Document coding, indexing, abstracting
Tracing crucial information from a mass of unstructured digital data is a laborious process, leading to delayed actions and limited access. Accurate and consistent coding/indexing of digital records is, therefore, critical for intelligent search and speedy retrieval at all levels. Most global organizations opt for efficient information management standards like XML, HTML, or SGML – so that data can be quickly formatted, validated, and shared across diverse platforms.

At Go2India, digital documents are structured through an intelligent coding and indexing system for optimum usage of a company’s intellectual assets. Our experienced programmers and document experts specialize in image tallying, document unitizing, and a wide range of simple-to-complex coding, indexing, and abstracting techniques which will help design the most effective output databases and efficient storage-and-retrieval indexes.

From simple objective/bibliographic coding through to multi-tiered subjective coding, as well as field-based & full-text indexing – Go2India offers a wide array of customized solutions to meet the unique requirements of each project. Our professionals will work closely with your team and effectively use your DTD/schema for XML or other coding/tagging. In case you require a fully customized solution, the BPO leader will develop most effective coding manuals and protocols to enhance organizational productivity. Round-the-clock index updating and hyper-linking of data files to external documents, Websites, TOCs, and document indexes will also cut down on information retrieval time. The final output is thoroughly checked by our QC team to ensure coding accuracy, data integrity, sequence verification, error deletion, and validation as per project-specific guidelines.

What we offer:
XML/HTML/SGML coding with DTD/Schema design
Open-ended research coding
Abstracting and indexing for quick access & easy retrieval

2.Data processing & database solutions
At Go2India, we specialize in high-value data processing and offer a full range of solutions such as data collation, data summarization, and conversion of data into intelligent formats (spreadsheets, databases etc.). We will create and update clients’ databases, provide round-the-clock operational support, and help reduce overall costs through efficient database management.

What we offer:
Data separation, integration, and migration
Data analysis, tabulation, and summarization
ETL (extraction, transformation, and loading) services for data warehousing/database creation
Database creation/updation

3.Data archiving/storage
Archiving/storing your mission-critical data in a safe and secure manner is of vital importance. At Go2India, we keep secure backup of your valuable data for a mutually agreed timeframe – so that you can view the latest information at any time and quickly retrieve the same.
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