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In a rapidly evolving global market, business success depends on aligning technology with core expertise and ensuring maximum cost benefits without compromising on quality and efficiency. As the global AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry is under constant pressure to meet impeccable performance standards and keep the overheads low, offshore outsourcing routine-to-complex CAD projects has turned out to be the most viable option to stay competitive and still deliver excellence. India remains the hottest outsourcing hub as a large talent pool of highly skilled CAD specialists work dedicatedly to bring value in real time while you gain immensely in terms of crucial turn around time, valuable human resources, and sky-rocketing capital expenditure.

How Go2India Excels:
Based in the IT hub of Bangalore, Go2India caters to some of the top-rated architecture, construction, engineering, and interior design firms at home and abroad � so that our valued clients may get streamlined, enhanced, and cost-effective CAD services of highest quality complying with international standards of AIA (American Institute of Architects), CSI (Construction Specifications Institute), CADD/GIS Center, BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association), and IFMA (International Facility Manager Association). Outsourcing to Go2India also enables companies to better utilize their resources for more crucial functionalities. What�s more, a strategic time zone difference ensures shorter project span and faster turnaround � helping you gain the competitive edge.

From paper-to-CAD and format conversion through to 2D/3D CAD drafting/designing, 3D modeling, rendering, and walkthrough – Go2India provides a full range of high-precision CAD services, intended to meet the specific requirements of the international AEC industry. A certified member of the STPI (Software Technology Parks of India), the specialty BPO has in place a robust infrastructure and a state-of-the-art design studio to ensure speedy turnaround and delivery excellence. We present a perfect mix of domain expertise & market knowledge, helping eliminate overhead costs that organizations now incur to maintain proprietary office standards, train new staff, and co-ordinate implementation among design team members. Our experienced and talented professionals leverage latest tools & technologies in a bid to create value in real time while we work closely with onshore teams for best-possible project execution.

Go2India makes sure that all technical parameters and CAD standards are maintained according to your specifications, so that every drawing upholds the proprietary look and feel of your firm. The BPO leader has implemented stringent quality control measure to ensure the following:

  • Graphics Integrity: Each drawing will tally with the client’s presentation standards.
  • CAD Accuracy: Client’s specifications will be meticulously followed for layers, styles, line types, text & fonts, scaling, X-REF, blocks, symbols, and other CAD variables.
  • Technical Accuracy: Details will be consistent within an entire drawing set and each drawing will be co-ordinated accordingly.
  • Industry Standards: We follow international CAD Standards for the design, construction, operations, and facility management sectors. These standards include AIA’s CAD Layer Guidelines, CSI’s Uniform Drawing System, CADD/GIS Center’s Plotting Guidelines and other crucial parameters recognised by BOMA and IFMA.
  • Data Accuracy: No data loss during CAD conversion or migration.
  • Data Security: Fully secure facility with access control and secure file storage with Web-based file viewing and redlining.
  • Quick TAT: Go2India constantly enhances its service levels to deliver the best at the earliest while maintaining excellent quality and credibility.

Core Expertise:

Go2India caters to key industry verticals including Architectural, Engineering, and GIS sectors, and offers a comprehensive range of services like CAD drafting & designing, paper-to-CAD conversion, CAD format conversion (raster to vector, PDF to DWG, DWG to DGN, DGN to DWG, and 2D to 3D), 3D modeling, rendering, animation, visualization, and more.

  • Architectural Designing
    Design intricacies and meticulous focus on details remain the greatest challenge of architectural drafting & designing. At Go2India, we use most advance software programs (AutoCad, ADT, ArchiCAD, ChiefArchitect, MicroStation, VectorWorks, Adobe Illustrator, Coreldraw, VRay, Maya, Demicron etc.) for a wide range of complex tasks like architectural CAD conversion, drafting, detailing, layering, rendering, animation, and visualization. We can develop highly complex 2D/3D wire frame drawings All CAD files are drafted at full scale to ensure dimensional accuracy, and the editable, multi-layer output (DWG, DGN, DXF, etc.) conforms to AIA/any other standard of your choice.

    Our service portfolio includes:
    Site surveys for ensuring building parameters
    Site plan
    Architectural layout & landscaping
    Elevations & sections
    Roof framing & foundation plan
    House, floor & ceiling plans
    Space & furniture plan
    �As installed� and record drawings
    3D modeling & exterior/interior rendering
    Paper-to-CAD conversion
    Walkthrough/Flythrough/Virtual Tour
    CAD format conversion

  • Engineering Designing
    Professionals at Go2India can develop highly accurate, multi-layer CAD drawings/drafts from hand-made sketches, images, and design specifications. We also create intricate assembly drawings for architectural schematics, structural designs, and mechanical assemblies. The BPO leader leverages most advanced software platforms like Autocad, MicroStation, Quickpen, Adobe Illustrator, and CorelDraw to ensure compliance with best international standards.

    Our service portfolio includes:
    2D shop drawing/co-ordination drawing
    Designing & detailing for full structures
    3D solid modeling & product sequencing
    HVAC drafting
    MEP (mechanical, electrical & plumbing designing and detailing)
    Paper-to-CAD and format conversion

  • GIS Services
    A unique combination of graphical features and tabular data, the Geographic Information System (GIS) is a high-tech, electronic equivalent of a traditional map – fully editable and securely storable for ready availability of crucial spatial data. Go2india offers a wide array of GIS services to develop most accurate presentations and complex, multi-dimensional digital models – required for geospatial analyses and effective decision-making.

    Our experienced professionals have the capability to create geo-referenced CAD files, so that high-precision digital maps are available at all scales to providing access to detailed & accurate geo-information & field data, developing geo-economical risk maps, and implementing effective disaster management systems. At Go2India, we leverage most advanced technologies like AutoCAD, ArcInfo, MapInfo, ArcView & ArcView 3D Analyst, MicroStation, Bentley, J/Geographics, Triforma, and Descartes to come up with detailed drawings of utmost accuracy.

    Our service portfolio includes:

  • Topographic mapping detailing geographical diversities, country borders, transportation, telecommunication, major buildings, and other noted landmarks. Topographic mapping is usually required for engineering & artitectural purposes; infrastructual facility creation; defense & security; disaster management; and geographical presentation of thematic data.
  • Geological mapping for displaying geological features, identifying infrastructural suitablity, locating natural resources like gas & mineral deposits, tracking areas prone to natural hazrds, and monitoring hazardous waste disposal.
  • Soil survey conversion for featuring soil level measurements, analyses of soil usage and other relevant soil data crucial for agriculture, forestry, land planning, and water bodies.
  • Watershed mapping for studying water bodies, elevation, risk areas, wetlands and other information available across a specific geographical area. We can also digitize water surface profiles, floodplain boundaries, flood risk assessment & prevention plans, irrigation modeling, and water body designing.
  • Mining & mineral lease boundaries for integrating your existing infrastructure with mine plans and block models by using GIS software platforms such as Techbase, Vulcan, Mines Sight, and SURPACE 2000. This helps assess viable opportunities for those involved in mining and mineral exploration
  • Tax/parcel mapping to assess land value for taxation purposes. Cadastral maps indicating legal boundaries & property ownership are created using property information records. Data is dizitized and parcel maps are registered for georeferencing. We also create and convert property ownership documents such as deeds, maps, and plans, using COGO and software platforms such as Bentley, MicroStation, J/Geographics, Triforma, and Descartes.
  • Flow Charts/Process Diagrams is done for effective scenario planning for majority of industrial sectors. Using decision support software tools, we combine traditional flow charts, process diagrams, and maps with 3D visualization and forecasting models. The outcome is visually illustrate qualitative and quantitative analyses of values, trends, and alternative scenarios.
  • Vector feature extraction from topographic maps, satellite imagery, and aerial photography to upgrade original geo-data

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