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Architectural Services

With the AEC industry rapidly growing in scope and complexity, leading architectural firms, design-build contractors, and real estate developers essentially look for high-end, professional services to support their core competencies, ensure quick turnaround, and enhance overall operational efficiency of the construction process. Cutting down on overheads also remains a crucial factor for business success as industry players are often compelled to invest heavily in advance technologies like 3D animation and BIM, as well as trained human resources. Outsourcing your custom requirements to a BPO leader like Go2India not only provides access to best industry practices and adequate technical expertise but also guarantees high-quality results delivered round the clock while you benefit from optimum scalability and significant cost advantages.
What We Offer
A time-tested BPO service provider with a proven track record, Go2India acts as your strategic offshore partner and offers a full range of innovative solutions spanning all aspects of architectural designing, drafting, and presentation. The company has in place a well-equipped studio while a dedicated team of architects, engineers, graphic artists, and technicians combines deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge technical expertise to bring impeccable value to your unique project. Since professionals at Go2India have a deep understanding of global architectural and construction standards, as well as local codes and requirements, we can work closely with your in-house experts and follow all design specifications to deliver well-integrated solutions in line with your service offerings.
From construction/shop drawing through to layering, detailing, and landscape drafting; 2D/3D CAD conversion to 3D modeling & rendering; and walkthrough/flythrough to virtual tour – Go2India brings expertise and quality to every task, both simple and complex. Our capable staff can use any software/technical platform to meet your requirements and deliver best-possible results. We have successfully completed several high-end projects using AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Intellicad, ChiefArchitect, ADT, STAAD, MicroStation, and 3DS Max while our efficient project management, transparent workflow, and passion for perfection keep clients in total control throughout the assignments.
Service Portfolio
  1.Architectural Drafting & Designing
At Go2India, we are adept at converting hand-drawn conceptual sketches, blue prints, and survey notes into a complete set of architectural plans. The BPO leader specializes in computer-generated renderings and the work drawings (architectural & structural) feature the attributes of a proposed design with 100% precision. We also develop full-fledged designs from semi-finished sketches or detailed specifications. Be it building construction, landscaping, site planning or contour mapping, professionals at Go2India are experts at any type of CAD drafting from any format while each project drawing meticulously follows the layer and graphic standards specified by the customer. We can provide complete building plans as well, required for permit submittal. Other service areas include detailing of interiors, HVAC, power, communication and plumbing systems – creating new drafts every time a minor change has to be incorporeted in the main drawing.
  2.2D/3D CAD Conversion
Go2India offers a wide range of digitization and vectorization services for converting paper drawings/designs to high-precision, searchable, and editable CAD formats. Raster images are rubber-sheeted and scaled to do away with scanning deformations and ensure the delivery of dimensionally accurate CAD output. We adhere to AIA layering guidelines/client-specified CAD standards and use standard blocks and attributes on your drawings. ID points are retained during paper-to-CAD conversion while CAD Overlay and LFX programs are used for paper map conversion. Our skilled draftsmen can easily handle latest technology tools like AutoCad and are capable of working with any input-output format. As a part of the quality process implemented at Go2India, all CAD files are plotted and checked before the final copy is sent to the client. Our CAD conversion services span:
  Hand-drawn sketches to CAD
  Scanned documents to CAD
  Photographs to CAD
  Tiff to CAD
  Raster image to CAD
  3.3D Modeling & Rendering
Architectural drawings/designs are better displayed via 3D modeling – virtual presentations widely used to provide a real-life look and feel of the prospective building.. The benefits are twofold though, as architects can now present their concepts in great details while investors/buyers get a comprehensive view of the project-to-be, even before a single brick is laid. Using advance tools like Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, Lightwave, or Modo, experienced professionals at Go2India provide the best-possible 3D modeling/rendering solutions in terms of minute details and aesthetic excellence. Based on your specific requirements, we can develop a basic architectural model; a more elaborate conceptual view with lighting and shadow effects; a photorealistic approach featuring intricate details; and a composite made of site snaps for the most realistic location view.
  4.Walkthrough/Flythrough/Virtual Tour
Get the best of 3D animation from Go2India for an impressive multimedia presentation of your architectural project. Be it a residential complex or a commercial establishment, an industrial unit or entertainment/retail space, a healthcare unit or a hospitality facility, a utility building or an infrastructural build – our walkthroughs/flythroughs/virtual tours will accurately portray every single detail of exteriors and interiors – thus bringing a photo-realistic dimension to planned spaces and providing the ultimate marketing tool to exhibit and sell your ideas. At Go2India, we use latest software/technology tools like AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Maya, Maxon, and 3DMax while a team of graphic artists and engineers work dedicatedly to ensure best possible presentations to make your unique project a roaring success.
  5.Landscape Drafting & Interior/Exterior Designing
With land banking and real estate development reaching a new high across the globe, a thorough site analysis and site planning are required for the success of your project. Based on survey notes, reference samples, and preliminary design concepts/sketches, experts at Go2India will draft the landscape & building interior/exterior in any CAD format of your choice (DWG, DXF, DGN etc.). We specialize in dimension-driven parametric modeling and also provide 3D modeling and rendering services for a true-to-life visualization, along with varying lighting conditions.

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