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Animation Services

In a fast-moving world driven by instant impacts, products/services must essentially capture the interest of the target audience at the first go. The more aesthetic and exceptional the packaging is, the better chance a commodity stands to grab the limelight from the crowded rest. Be it a corporate brand-building program or a hard-core marketing drive, the latest blockbuster or a thrilling video game, a much-coveted tutorial or presenting a complex research paper, only powerful communication tools like 2D & 3D animation can make or mar the success of the communiqués.

Outsourcing such creative ventures to the vast talent pool in India will not only help you achieve the desired level of excellence but also ensure quicker turnaround and lucrative cost advantages. The Indian animation industry has already witnessed a major boom and the country’s export earning is pegged at around $600 million as overseas entertainment giants like Walt Disney, MGM, Warner Bros., Imax, and Sony outsource a considerable portion of their work to qualified service-providers.

Go2India: Addressing Your Creative Needs

Based in the animation hub of Bangalore, Go2India has joined the new wave and won a number of prestigious international assignments to make its mark in the global market. The company boasts a state-of-art design studio and employs an experienced team of animation artists, designers, and technicians who work round the clock to maintain committed delivery schedules. Leveraging most sophisticated hardware and software tools, we offer a full spectrum of top-quality animation services – bringing to life hundreds of unique concepts and delivering the best in terms of creativity and excellence. At Go2india, we are keen to take on new challenges every day and constantly experiment with various media and art forms in a bid to redefine innovation. As our trained professionals stay tuned with latest technological advances and focus on complete customer satisfaction, more and more high-end animation projects are now outsourced to us from the USA, Europe, and other Asian countries.

Our Domain Expertise

Movie Animation & Visual Effects
From story boarding, layout creation, character modeling, and background designing through to 2D/3D animation, 3D match moving, color correction, music/sound effect incorporation, and audio-video editing – Go2India offers a full-fledged service portfolio that would meet all your pre- and post-production requirements. We also bring you an incredible range of special effects for fantastic backdrops and visually stunning experiences. Be it a full-blown movie or a video game, professionals at Go2India will work in close association with your creative team to enhance the wizardry of digital graphics. To achieve the desired results as per client’s specifications, we use some of the most advanced technology tools such as 3DMax, Maya, SoftImage, Lightwave 3D, Solidworks, Macromedia, Adobe AfterEffects, Boujou, and more.

Architectural Animation
Get true-to-life presentations and 360° views of your state-of-the-art building projects and wow your target audience even during pre-sales. At Go2India, we not only specialize in architectural illustration/still rendering but also have the capability to offer a full range of photoreal rendering services including walkthrough and flyby, virtual tour, panoramic view, landscaping, light & shadow study, and renovation details. The BPO leader leverages the latest 3D modeling and rendering software to create life-like images for designing, presentation, and marketing purposes. While developing the architectural 3D models, our experienced professionals take meticulous care regarding proportion, scale, textures, materials, colors, and even finishes – so that every single design element/presentation may look as realistic and picture-perfect as posible.

Flash Animation
Be it a splendid Website or an impressive presentation; fun-loaded cartoon or a thrilling game; widespread corporate branding or an intense marketing pitch, Go2India is just the right destination to achieve that wow effect when it comes to using Flash animation with a difference. Powered by dynamic drawing tools, flawless animation, and compelling after-effects, our brilliant animation artists spruce up every Flash project to ensure happening looks and great impact. With Go2India as a partner of choice, you can create great intros, banners & e-cards, interactive charts/diagrams, wonderful product/service demos, engrossing tutorials, and much more.

Computer Animation
At Go2India, our experienced professionals cater to diverse industry verticals and ensure that the computer-generated animations and renderings add fillip to any presentation/product-service demo. We specialize in 2D/3D computer graphics and use CGI techniques to add special effects to movies, TV programs, and commercials.

Product Modeling
Do away with multiple versions of products & product components to cut down on development time, resources, and costs. At Go2India, our experienced professionals work closely with R&D teams to understand requirements definitions and meticulously follow industry-recognized methods to prepare conceptual, application-oriented CAD models. We also specialize in rapid tooling & prototyping; functional mock-ups, reverse engineering, and applied VR development.

Forensic Animation
Keeping in mind the intricacy of modern-day legal proceedings, Go2India brings you the best in forensic animation – tailored to meet case-specific presentation needs. Powered by a team of experts and animation artists, our superior-quality recreations/reconstructions will help illustrate testimonies, clarify complex information, highlight timing and significant occurrences, and present an accurate, comprehensive perception of relevant happenings. This, in turn, will enable you to gain a position of strength as a mediator or before the jury.

Educational Animation
Multifunctional educational systems depend heavily on effective educational animations to ensure clear comprehension of complex topics, as well as quick learning, better retention, and greater motivations. Unlike the routine textbook method, knowledge imparted through vivid visual aids such as animated graphics/illustrations/presentations has a more lasting impact – making learning faster & easier. This is especially true for corporate training as learners have to become acquainted with fast-evolving processes and dynamic markets. Whether it is traditional academic learning made more impactful or domain-specific, high-end intellectual exercise – Go2India has the expertise to create most effective, accurate, and interesting animated tutorials and presentations which can be easily comprehended by the audience.

Engineering, Scientific, and Medical Animation
The professionals at Go2India are experts at technical drawings, 3D renderings, and prototype development – thus providing a comprehensive understanding of the topic in question. The BPO leader has in place an extensive database of most accurate and highly detailed scientific, engineering, and medical illustrations & animations for creating effective learning/communication tools.

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